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Swedbank Head office is banking building was designed by Audrius Ambrasas Architectslocated in a recently developed but rapidly growing political, commercial and recreational area of the Lithuanian capital, on the right bank of the Neris River. The location of the building created a number of challenges for the architects. The site for the Banks building was treated as an integral part of the newly formed center on the right riverbank of Neris, which is being developed on the axis of the old Ukmerges street. At that point meet the Konstitucijos Avenue and the pedestrian street. As a result, this pedestrian street becomes the main axis of the buildings composition, which consists of three main parts.

Architecture Building of Swedbank Head office

The building has a 4500 sq m terrace, constructed on the stylobate part, offering views of the river. The building consists of two main parts. Firstly, the base of the building emphasizes the line of the street. Secondly, the two towers of 16 and 14 storeys, and thirdly, the horizontal 4-storey part are placed on it. While the essential client service is concentrated on the ground floor, the auditorium and the cafe are placed on the -1st floor. Great views to Neris riverbank will be open from it. The ground floor, the flowing space of the cafe and the pedestrian street are planned as a public urban space. Separated functional zones are laid out in that space. The roof of the base is treated as a part of the landscape, so greenery and recreation zones are placed on it. The finish on the blank facade walls has been created by using stainless-metal plates polished in different directions. The ornamental effect was obtained by varying the plate polishing direction which makes the facade look multi-coloured.

Swedbank Head office by Audrius Ambrasas Architects
Building of Swedbank Head office in Lithuania
Architecture Building of Swedbank Head office in Lithuania
Exterior Design of Swedbank Head office
Interior Office Design of Swedbank Head office

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