2011. május 5., csütörtök

Pinakothek Modern Art Museum, Munich Germany

Stephan Braunfels designed the Pinakothek der Moderne in München Bayern Germany, completed in 2002. Four square sections of museum swirl around a central rotunda. Rectangular glazing punches through oncrete in different shades of white, which helps to highlight the circular event at the rotunda.

Goethe once said of German architecture: "Our houses do not arise from four columns in four corners, but from four walls as four sides, which are in place of columns." Germans perhaps still believe they don't play by the same rules as those evolved from the primeval hut.

The four sections of the museum are Art, Architecture, Design, and Graphics. They are organized as rationally as a perfect square and supported by tall walls of concrete, with an entrance roof supported by a few tall columns.

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