2012. szeptember 16., vasárnap

Kissed by an angel - Pilsner Urquell


The Bank produced a global campaign for SABMiller premium brand Pilsner Urquell. The Czech beer is sold throughout the world and this campaign started running in Hungary and was followed soon after by Italy. The “Pure Pilsner” brand work was rolled out across the world during the rest of the year.
The “Kissed by an Angel” creative is born of a key brand truth. In the western plains of Bohemia lies the city of Pilsen, guarded by an angel who proudly appears on the city’s coat of arms. Curiously, the angel has disappeared from the coat of arms on the Pilsner Urquell bottle. Legend has it she is in the beer. Kissed By An Angel– The Pure Pilsner from Pilsen.
This advert set out to capture the mystique and purity of Pilsner Urquell through the use of the Pilsen Angel; an enchanting symbol of the city and a metaphor for purity and authenticity. It seamlessly marries product intrinsics and brand intrinsics, seductively describing the beer as well as the experience of drinking it, justifying its distinctive taste. The campaign is emotionally rich, engaging the audience with an enticing tone, rather than a serious and aloof one. It captures the essence of the brand, and the imagination of consumers.
‘Kissed By An Angel’ is campaignable through the line to meet various communication and media needs: TVC (60” & 30”), Cinema (60”), Print (DPS, Single Page, Teasers), Outdoor, Direct mail, Online, Activation, Merchandising. It was piloted in Italy, with many new territories to follow.
Pilsner Urquell
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