2011. július 17., vasárnap

Zappon House

A man of few words, Zappon is a prolific cinematographer of critically lauded Danish films such as Okay and Aftermath, known for their graceful asceticism and the showcasing of actress Paprika Steen, the Cate Blanchett of Copenhagen. The main living space of the house is constructed of immense I-profiles, allowing for a full wall of glass with four large sliding doors that open to the backyard.
Chalkboard-fronted cabinets provide an ideal surface for scrawling shopping lists. In the open kitchen, tall cupboards are coated with black matte paint that can be used as a chalkboard, a clever and practical use of the surface space. The color matches the exterior of the house, although no one has yet to use the front door as a chalkboard, even with the constant presence of the children and their friends.
In keeping with the house’s spirit, its master bath calls for a sense of adventure. Like the forest and beach that surround it, the house has diverse textures. There are contrasts all over the house in light and dark, warm and cold, hard and soft‚Äîand it changes all the time.
The expansive, industrial nature of the living room contrasts with the refined design of the bedroom wing, which is covered entirely with ash wood on the floor, walls, and ceiling. In the bedroom wing, sunlight shines down from the Plexiglass bubbles. Steel in the cutaways reflects the light.
The minimalist bathroom is naturally lit with the same type of skylight that brightens the bedroom wing.
In the front yard, landscape architect Torben Sch√∂nherr created a huge circular stone fireplace, excavating it right out of the site. Essentially a large fire pit that would make any budding pyromaniac giddy, the inclusive design allows for the family to gather after a swim or shower and perhaps sing a campfire song. Or not.

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