2011. július 15., péntek

The Andy Warhol Screen Test

dj nasty
I remember, as a young film student, reading about Andy Warhol and his infamous screen tests filmed from early ’64 through late ’66. Where I have been heavily influenced as a painter by Warhol, I generally didn’t understand a lot of his films – his directing “style” (which was “let the camera roll”) or his editing – which was nonexistent.
But after revisiting his “Screen Tests” I realized that they were portraits, portraits done on film rather than on canvas.
It’s amazing how differently each subject ‘handles’ their time in front of the camera. Nico seems a bit distracted, perhaps sort of self-conscious, while Lou Reed is the epitome of cool indifference. And my favorite, Edie Sedgwick is such a damaged, beautiful muse.

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