2011. július 17., vasárnap

Vision Works Today

This exhibition represents Bayer Material Science. The transparent yet striking optics display are exhibits in museum. The slogan ‚ÄúPresent and Future‚Äù is staged in the blue and green colour schemes derived from the colours of the company‚Äôs logo.
The Vision Works Today area, illuminated in blue, presents objects already produced and in daily use. Future research projects, studies and visions are exhibited in the green-lit VisionWorks Tomorrow area. The transparent ceiling construction above the same-sized exhibition areas gives the visitor the visual impression of a complete space.
Molecular ScienceLights have been integrated to serve as a visible, symbolic link between plastics and the finished product. The use of plastics produced by the company – for example, in the cubes made from deep-drawing dies or the transparent rear wall in the lounge area – enhances the presentation of the exhibition and demonstrates the flexible use of the company’s products.

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