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Marcel Wanders Design

Marcel Wanders is the  interior designer of fashion store Villa Moda in Bahrain.

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Marcel Wanders is the interior designer of the Kameha Grand Bonn hotel, which will open this coming autumn 2009 in Bonn, Germany.

The Kameha Grand Bonn – business and leisure
 “Typical business hotels are very serious and practical, usually very boring too” 
The Kameha Grand Bonn showcases a new, creative and holistic approach for a modern corporate hotel; a hotel that unites the vibrant and lively atmosphere of a business hotel with the style, intimacy and exclusivity of a luxury grand hotel. 
“Corporate and event hotels should be exciting, stimulating and inspiring; they should offer a high standard of living and a corresponding lifestyle. The Kameha Grand Bonn is a place full of surprises, of beauty and energy, a place that is sexy and cool.”

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