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Virtual tour: Ralph Lauren's car collection


Among the major car collections in the world, there is one that stands out more than any other as synonymous with excellence: that of iconic American fashion designer Ralph Lauren. 

A selection from Lauren's collection of the most prestigious sports cars from the 1930s to present day is on view for the first time in Europe at the ParisMusée des Arts Décoratifs. 

McLaren F1 LM 1996

Seventeen outstanding cars, chosen by curator Rodolphe Rapetti, and put on display by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, outline the main phases of European automobile history. 

With this collection, Ralph Lauren shows that the automobile is a major art form created by the industry’s biggest names: Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Porsche and of course, Ferrari, the high point of this unique collection.

Jaguar XKSS 1958

A visual timeline of the evolution of European automobile design through the 20th Century, the cars on display are among the most exceptional in the world and have been infrequently shown to the public. 

Each car stands as a masterpiece of both technological innovation and impeccable design.

Bentley "Blower" 1929

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL "Gullwing" 1955

Ferrai 250 Testa Rossa 1958

Bugatti 57 S(C) Atlantic 1938

Ferrari 375 Plus 1954

To commemorate the exhibition, a limited run book features each car, its historical and technical significance and an explanation by Lauren himself on what guides his passion for car collection. The book will also showcase many of the same images seen here, all exceptionally shot by renowned automobile photographer Michael Furman 

The show runs through 28 August 2011 and is open to the public.

You can can see the full 17 cars on display, learn more about their facinating histories and even listen to their engines purr and roar athttp://ralphlaurencarcollection.co.uk/.

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