2011. június 15., szerda

Porsche Puts Names of 1 Million Facebook Fans on a 911

As part of its "Thank You" campaign, Porsche plastered the names of one million of its closest Facebook friends onto a hot rod.
We all love a good timelapse video around here, but this one's subtler than most. It shows a crew of Porsche folks painstakingly detailing a brand new 911 GT3 R Hybrid... but with what? The video isn't high-resolution enough to read them, but all those teeny gray squiggles adorning the hood, tail, and sides of the car? They're names -- one million names, to be exact, of Porsche's Facebook fans.
Want to see if your name is one of the lucky ones to make onto this beauty? Click here to launch Porsche's slick promo site, where you can type your name into the search box. Or you can peer at this closeup and try it the old fashioned way. (Where's that CSI-style "enhance!" command when you need it?)
Anyway, Facebook, social marketing, yada yada yada... the car is still the thing to marvel at here. Not only does this sucker sport Porsche's legendary 911 style, it's also a hybrid. Which means it hauls ass on the racetrack and gets (relatively) great gas mileage! Put that on your status update.

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