2011. június 13., hétfő

The Eden Project, Cornwall England

Nicholas Grimshaw and engineering firm Anthony Hunt designed the Eden Project on behalf of Tim Smit. Biomes formed of hexagonal plastic cells with steel framing emulate environments. Each dome has a self-contained environment from some area of the world. The project opened in 2001 to the public with an undisclosed budget. The cost is certainly prohibitive to a practically sustainable greenhouse-like building, but the tourism generated from this attraction provides a flow of income.

Grimshaw completed the visitor's center "Core" in 2005. The plant-growth phyllotaxis form was the basis for the copper roof shapes. The pineapple roof shoots outward to provide light scoops for daylighting. Electricity-generating solar panels swirl into a circular courtyard. This arrangement is very impractical for catching sunlight, again revealing that the entire project is for show and entertainment, not for a practical method of sustainability. Will the panels make up for the £260,000 paid to install them? Not likely.

The spacelike image of greenhouse domes in a lush garden countryside gives an opportunity for inspiration and artwork. Sculptures and flower gardens surround the domes. The idealic setting may be cost prohibitive for anything other than a entertainment park, but it is still an image for what our buildings can strive for.

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