2011. június 3., péntek

Anish Kapoor Unveils In Paris Giant Rubber Balls You Can Walk In

Each year, the French Ministry for Culture and Communication invites a famous artist to throw up an installation in the Grand Palais, the stunning Beaux-Arts museum and exhibit space at the Champs-Élysées, in Paris. This year, Brit Anish Kapoor, of Chicago bean fame, was the chosen one, and he erected a set of giant, purple, rubber balls.
Balls you can inhabit! Play around in! Explore! Filling the 115-foot-tall nave of the glassy central exhibition hall, the balls are actually a series of attached blobs -- Kapoor calls them a “4-armed balloon” -- and they’re designed to do what all Kapoor’s work does. As he tells it: “To manage, through strictly physical means, to offer a completely new emotional and philosophical experience.” So that’s what they’re calling it nowadays.
[Images courtesy of the French Ministry for Culture and Communication]

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