2011. június 29., szerda

London . Breath . S

“Scientists think that ice will probably disappear from the North Pole for the first time by this summer 2008 due to the global warming. We would like to express our solidarity with the hungry – and probably angry – polar bears that will soon reach our lands (?) trying to find some dry land and food. What about architecture?”
This was how we started presenting our project - LONDON . BREATH . S - for a floating art gallery competition on river Thames in London. We were saying something like: “Hey, if architecture isn’t able to radically change his relation with nature, we’ll soon have some angry polar bears in London!”.
A few months after this competition, it’s surprising and very funny to see that 3d production experts “Hothouse IWG” created  the Polar Bear and cub sculpture, seen floating down the Thames on Monday.
Here is an interesting video of the making of the sculpture.

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