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Virgin Atlantic presented its new Upper Class Dream Suite

Virgin Atlantic

After four years of research and an investment of £100 million, Virgin Atlanticpresented its new Upper Class Dream Suite service which is composed by a futuristic new cabin, a new fine dining meal service, and two Clubhouses, one, already ultimate, at New York JKF and the second one at London Heathrow, that will be ready by the end of the year.
The luxury experience starts, in fact, already from the airport, where it’s possible to wait in the amazing Clubhouse of Virgin Atlantic, that is also strategically located in order to be just a small walk away from the aircraft. Coming to it, the cabin is the definition of a whole new level of luxury and comfort, starting from the bar. It’s, in fact, the longest bar in the sky, according to Virgin, designed to accommodate from three to eight people and featuring over a thousand Swarovski crystals adorned to its curtain area.
In the Upper Class cabin there are a total of 33 seats disposed in a zig-zag configuration. Each seat has a huge bed surface as the seats are the longest ones compared to the business segment of the other airlines companies. On the side of each seat is positioned a 12.1 inch touchscreen monitor that gives access to the brand new entertainment system called JAM, where it’s possible to select among films, TV shows and more than 200 music albums.
As for the icing on the cake, the innovative mood lighting, designed together with architectural lighting experts, is not only able to change colours during the flight in order to help passengers to relax, but also to adjust to different time zones.

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