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Decoding Alan Turing - The Short Film by Christopher Racster

Filmmaker: Christopher Racster

Runtime: 16:17

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Format: DVcam

Language: English

Notable Interviewees: 
Andrew Hodges – biographer, Alan Turing
Paul Harfleet - Artist and Activist

Mathematics, Computers, Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, History of Science, LGBT

Exhibition Format: DVD or Beta NTSC 

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Decoding Alan Turing Clip

Have you ever heard the rumor about the Apple Computer logo? Rampant in circles of geek-based urban legend, is the idea that the Apple with a bite missing that adorns so many of our most prized electronics is a nod to those in the know about Alan Mathison Turing, an English Mathematician (widely hailed as the father of the modern computer) who was found dead at age 41 with a poisoned apple laying next to his bed.

Directors Statement:

Like many, I grew up gay and felt alone and different. I had no role models, no one to make the path easier or more clear. Today my goal is simple. Find those people and stories, that we may or may not know about, who have made a difference in the world and are gay. And then to tell their stories. Give someone a role model. Someone to light the way.

- Christopher Racster

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