2013. január 22., kedd

LIFE With Matisse: Portraits of a Modernist Master, 1951

Over the past 50 years,” LIFE reminded its readers in its Nov. 26, 1951, issue, “Matisse has poured forth a profusion of joyous paintings which have given a startling new shape  and brilliance to the face of art and which have won him a top rank among the great modern masters, Picasso, Braque and [the today far less-well-known Georges] Rouault.”
Of the fastidious, bespectacled, quietly revolutionary artist who was once denounced as “more dangerous than absinthe,” LIFE wrote that, in his studio on the French Riviera, Matisse “continued to work diligently, absorbed in his quest of an art that ‘pure and calm, free of disturbing subject mater … a mean of soothing the soul …’”

Read more: http://life.time.com/culture/henri-matisse-photos-by-dmitri-kessel-of-the-modernist-master-in-1951/#ixzz2Ih75GEe6

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