2012. július 14., szombat

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The zero emissions B12/69EV race car is powered by an 850 horsepower electric drivetrain. The car not only impressed the crowd of fans, but Drayson’s technical team was also impressed with the prototype’s reliability and overall performance at the event.
“The car was just stellar today. As the track dried out and we could use all the torque from the electric drive, our times kept improving. I am delighted that we have achieved this record on our first public outing with the car,” stated Lord Drayson, Managing Partner at Drayson Racing Technologies.
“Electric racing is set to transform the future of our sport and through continued advances in technology, we now have a viable alternative to fossil fuels. The Festival of Speed attracts an outstanding number of visitors and is the perfect place for us to demonstrate our car to the public for the first time.”
In addition to its 850 horsepower electric drivetrain, the B12/69EV features new technology like inductive charging that allows the battery to be recharged through charging spots on the floor, effectively doing away with typical charging cables.

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