2012. március 19., hétfő

Who can you trust? Trump vs Sir Attenborough about 'noisy' wind turbines

Sir David Attenborough launches 'noisy' wind turbine at Glyndebourne

Sir David Attenborough and Executive Chairman of Glyndebourne Gus Christie at the launch of the wind turbine Photo: PA

The television presente described wind turbines as "elegant structures in harmony with nature". 
“Wind power can never provide for all our wants but every bit of power generated by wind must be welcomed,” he said. "Even if we only generate a fraction of what our country needs in this way, then we must."
 Sir David said the "rhythmic noise of wind" is trivial compared to mechanical sounds like aircraft noise and the health problems caused by pollution for fossil-fuelled power stations.
"To suggest the rhythmic puff of wind is comparable to the death of thousands of people through lung disease is laughable," he added.

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